Founder, Teacher & Wellness Counselor

Elissa Cuellar began her wellness journey in 2002 after a traumatic accident drastically changed her life. Elissa was a collegiate soccer player and graduated with a BS in Biology & Neuroscience from Rutgers University. She found yoga and nutrition at 18 in order to deal with her crippling anxiety from recurring head trauma and food allergies. She became 200 hour certified in yoga at the age of 20 through Yogafit and started teaching for Rutgers. She believes that the best teachers are students, so she is constantly taking classes and trainings. She now is RYT-500 and is not only trained in ayurveda, thai bodywork, and energy healing but she is also certified in yoga for addiction through Y12SR. In 2019, Elissa partnered with two like-minded friends and launched Planted Eats, a sustainable health cafe and wholesale company that produces vegan, grain free, & sustainable products. She had been baking and cooking her whole life and wanted to get clean products to the public. In 2020 she completed a counseling and plant based nutrition program at Cornell University. She offers plant based lifestyle counseling with a focus on Ayurveda through the cafe and Nirvana Wellness Center. Elissa also founded the warrior108 sequence in 2020 to help people strengthen their bodies and minds during the pandemic.

Co-Owner & Teacher

Sheryl, E-RYT 300, has been practicing yoga since 2006.  Sheryl feels yoga has transformed her life. Through the breath she has discovered the mind body connection and what that truly means.  This has allowed her to take yoga off the mat and into her everyday life.  Her dream as a yoga teacher is to help people understand the amazing benefits which yoga provides.

“When the mind connects to the breath the body has unlimited capabilities.”

* 200 hour certification w/ Liv yoga- Linda Marlin/ Debby Kaminsky
* 200 hour certification w/ South mountain yoga- Emma Magenta
* 100 hour certification in core strength vinyasa w/ Sadie Nardini
* 30 hour certification w/ Newark yoga movement/ Neney's Yoginis-(kids)
* 60 hour w/ Life power signature vinyasa w/ Regina Petralia
* 50 hour certification in Hindu Mythology w/ Sharon Rudy Kenney
* 50 hour certification at Kripalu studied w/ Dharma Mittri, & Desiree Rumbaugh
* 100 hour certification in Vedic Thai massage w/ Mutki
* 20 hour certification w/ Kula for karma teaching students w/ Cancer
plus 100's of workshops along the way!

There is never an end to the practice of yoga, we are always learning, growing and discovering more about ourselves! Come connect with me on your mat and watch the endless possibilities that arise!


Danielle, E-RYT 200, had heard for many years that “she would really enjoy practicing yoga.” After many empty promises to try it, she finally gave in.  With a little push from dear friend (and owner of Nirvana) Elissa had given her a yoga pass for her birthday, the two set off to a local hot yoga studio at 5:45 the next morning. Seventy-five minutes later, dripping with sweat, nearly forgetting to breathe, and face-planting out of bakasana (crow pose), Danielle’s addiction began.   Using yoga as her safe haven from school and a stressful career in law enforcement. Danielle has learned to take lessons learned on the mat and live them in every aspect of her life.

Her favorite mantra is “Inhale let, exhale go.”

Bob Mareiniss
Co-Owner & Teacher

Bob's been practicing yoga since 2005 after being introduced to Hatha Yoga, then to the heat of Bikram’s Hot 26 Series in 2010, and never turned back. He is one of Nirvana's very own Yoga Alliance 200 RYT teacher training graduates from 2016, following on over the next three years to receive RYT training in Hot 26 and Fusion, Hatha Yoga including the Bandhas, Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation. Over the years of repetitive motion sports such as running and cycling he became motivated by its reminder about the body’s need to recover, heal, and seek varied movements and modalities for achieving ultimate health. With a more holistic lifestyle and striving for a more compassionate non-egoic mind, the yoga fostered by its mind-body connection can accomplish so much. He believes we all can take the experience and conditioning built on our mats into daily living, even the business and corporate world! He's fond of the adage "subtle changes add up to big gains", the transformation starts now.  
Bob teaches Hot 26, Power Fusion, and Yin Yoga.

Fran Mareiniss
Co-Owner & Teacher

Fran is E-RYT 300  hour, one of Nirvana's very own teacher training graduates from 2016. Fran has been practicing yoga since 2005 after being introduced to Hatha Yoga, then to Bikram’s Hot 26 Series in 2010.  Then following on over the next three years to receive RYT training in Hatha Yoga including the Bandhas, Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation. She teaches Yin Yoga.


Jeanine, RTY 200, has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She first tried yoga as a way to get moving, shed some weight, and make her doctor happy. What she found was that it made her happy and that is what she truly needed. Yoga has helped her to be more mindful, grow stronger, more flexible, confident and peaceful. She completed her RYT 200 teacher training at The American Yoga Academy. She continues to pursue education and certifications in yoga, health, wellness and the healing arts. This provides her with fresh knowledge that inspires her teaching. Jeanine is a Ayruveda Specialist and does Vedic Thia Bodywork. She is forever grateful for the wisdom all of her teachers have shared with her. Her love of anatomy and physiology with breathing techniques, alignment, balanced energy and relaxation are what make up her classes. Jeanine wants everyone to know that yoga is for every body.

​"I teach because it makes me a better student, I study because it makes me a better teacher. I hope to see you on the mat."

Arnaldo Ortiz

Arnaldo, E-RYT 200, is one of Nirvana's very own Yoga Alliance 200 RYT teacher training graduates. Arnaldo began his journey to yoga through a love of physical fitness. He’s spent the last 5 years exploring and developing his practice both on his mat and in his life, and continues to do so in hopes of sharing that practice with others. Arnaldo teaches an open-level, challenging, powerful practice with dynamic vinyasa flows, drawing awareness to the breath and focus to the mind. Arnaldo is certified in Vedic Thai bodywork.

Carrie Kilmer

Carrie, RYT 200, began her yoga journey in 2009; in 2017 she completed her 200-hour teacher training with Raji Thron at Yoga Synthesis in Ramsey, New Jersey. Carrie, is a mother of 3, and leads a busy life as a full-time corporate executive in Manhattan. She is a dedicated yoga practitioner and personally commits to practicing 6-7 days a week. She continues to attend workshops, and regularly studies with various teachers. Carrie’s dynamic teaching style incorporates different teaching methodologies from various yoga lineages. Her breath–focused, Vinyasa classes are thoughtfully prepared, using intelligent sequencing, and creative transitions. She places a strong emphasis on tuning into the healing and inspiring nature of practicing within a community setting. Carrie brings an authentic and passionate voice to each class as she guides her students through a journey of inward reflection & self-discovery.

Sabrina klele

Sabrina RYT200, is one of Nirvana's very own teacher training graduates from 2015. Sabrina always had a passion for being healthy.  She focused on maintaining a healthy weight through regular workouts and a nutritious diet. Along her fitness journey, Sabrina tried various exercise fads, but it was yoga that truly captured her heart.Transitioning from being a Special Education teacher to a stay-at-home mom, Sabrina started practicing yoga in 2014. She quickly fell in love with the physical and mental strength it provided her. Since then, yoga has become an integral part of her daily routine, keeping her centered and balanced amidst the busy demands of motherhood. Realizing the profound impact yoga had on her life, Sabrina decided to pursue a certification as a Registered Yoga Instructor through Nirvana's School of Yoga after having her fourth child. Now, you can find her actively involved in the community, whether she's walking her dog, cheering her kids on at the soccer field, or attending work-related open houses. Despite her busy schedule, Sabrina is a strong advocate for making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size, or background. She firmly believes that we all deserve moments to breathe, meditate, and move with purpose.Sabrina's story showcases her determination, dedication, and passion for sharing the benefits of yoga with others. She's a true inspiration for finding balance, strength, and mindfulness in our everyday lives.  

Indu jaishi

I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor. My yoga journey began in 2017 when i was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I found solace in my practice and my mat became my safest space. I fought depression using yoga as an anchor and it helped me immensely. The power of yoga is that it helps us look inward and find contentment in who we are and work on becoming who we really want to be. Breathe and surrender yourself to this practice and let the light in. " I am not interested in whether you have stood with the great, I am interested in whether you have sat with the broken."

Katie Hecht

Katie has always had a love for fitness.  Being active in sports her whole life Katie finished playing soccer after college.  Her love for staying active and helping others continued and Nirvana Infrared was her answer.  Katie enjoys inspiring others to reach their goals and pushes people to meet their ultimate fitness level while having fun at the same time.  Katie teaches Hot Cardio Infrared Shred and Warrior 108.  Her motto is no matter your age or fitness level it's never too late to start!!!

Marina BednAR

Ryt 500 hour yoga instructor Marina began her inner journey with Yoga in 2005. Shortly after, she completed her 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification through Lotus Yoga Montclair. Her classes are infused with Buddhist teachings, which she was drawn to while on a trip through India and Nepal. As part of her journey in the healing arts, she has become certified in Pranic Healing, which she brings into her teaching to help restore and rejuvenate. Marina is certified in Y12SR, which weaves the ancient art and science of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step programs. Yoga continues to be a source of inspiration, enlightenment, and positive way of life. Marina's teaching offers a chance to reconnect with your authentic voice through self- study, connection with the breath and vigorous vinyasa flow.

Lynn hutman

Lynn Hutman is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher and Level II Certified Reiki Practitioner. Her journey  with yoga began in 2011, she then began practicing many different styles of yoga, finding a passion for challenging classes and hot yoga. After an accident in 2018 and several years of physical therapy Lynn returned to her mat with a desire to teach. Sensitive to the struggles of building your strength of mind and body back after a setback and the steps it takes to get there. Finding gratitude in all of the people and teachers that cross our paths as we move forward in life on and off the mat.
Lynn focuses on movement with breath and powerful vinyasa flow classes.

Class Description-
Open Level Vinyasa flow class with challenges as well as modifications. Concentrating on building heat and energy as you flow bringing grounding and balance to our minds and bodies. Focusing on ending with a peaceful and quiet mind.      "Yoga means addition. Addition of energy, strength and beauty to body mind and soul" Amit Ray 

Marianella Martins

Marianella is a long distance runner for more than 20 years. Having completed more than 30 half marathons and 8 full marathons, she has learned how strength training and yoga can help her endurance. Along with implementing strength training and yoga, Marianella has also learned how nutrition can impact a person’s physical performance. In 2017 she graduated from Montclair State University with a Master in Nutrition and Food Science and is currently pursuing her degree in dietetics. Coupling both her passions, exercise and nutrition, she brings to Nirvana her experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor along with her ability to consult people about their nutrition. She loves to teach people how to correctly move their body through functional exercises and offers classes that build endurance and create muscle growth.

* Master in Nutrition and Food Science
* Certified Health Coach
* Certified Personal Trainer
* Certified TRX instructor 
* Long distance runner
* Running Coach for WEPA Running Team 
* Plant Based Nutrition
* Athletic Training (speed & agility)

“Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready."

Irina Babets

Irina Babets is an experienced yoga teacher who has been teaching for over 10 years. She specializes in Restorative and Vinyasa styles, and her classes are known for their calming and supportive atmosphere. Irina also offers private classes and has experience working with students of all ages and abilities.

Arben Kabakci

Arben, a 200 RYT  is one of Nirvana's very own teacher training graduates from 2014. Arben has been a certified yoga teacher since 2014. He teaches hot vinyasa and hatha power fusion class that will allow you to test your limits. Arben’s flows are a stream-of-consciousness style and are powered by carefully chosen music to help push and then cool you down. All levels welcome.